Installation - orchestra. Twelve-channels of video and music. 4'46"

composer Kirill Shirokov
plays: songbook #1 and songbook #2
performer Vasilisa Filatova
camera: Victoria Burkina, Anna Sadovnikova
text and voice: Dasha Gusakova

Reasonless excitement, laconic black-and-white picture, whisper of poetry as soft background on the space of total multimedia installation brings you into itself. Images and sounds fill the exhibition space, they instantly wrap you. You are in a warm cotton-wool cocoon, afraid to move, to invade this space. Words pronounced quietly, like a charm, don't let you recognize them but you realize you are bewitched already. Each image has its own music, together they play as an orchestra, twelve sounds merge in the air into one music composition.

The Mink videoinstallation tells us about the interaction between the imaginary fantastic world and the real one, about the transition where the remains of the old and the beginning of the new are mixed, reflecting the border between the visible and the invisible. Here is a special zone, where everyone is left without the owner, but still remembers him and needs to act independently. This is the scene of one eternal day with the stream of pieces of the past moving in the cloud and in the sea, at the edge between the elements.