A trap
music performance

composer: Kirill Shirokov
flute: Sasha Yelina
text: Dasha Gusakova

I hear that everybody talk about border between the underworld and the land of the living. But nobody know where is that border. We can feel only substance of the border and the main guide for such for that journey is music. It can do a form from abstract substance to our feeling.
Introduction to distortion

Dasha works with media addiction problem, representation and positioning of oneself in society in performance “Introduction to Distortion”. There is a TV In the center of a small room and there is a video surveillance camera who was hidden in a flower in a next room. Gusakova watches in the next room and in real time copies the behavior of the incoming person, like a mirror.

Media-stream of metropolis has a strong effect for human consciousness. We do not track what we read or what we look at, what falls into our memory and what affects to our consciousness, we do not have time to analyze what is happen and to understand it because of hurry and fear of missing something. There is infinity of such details and they lives inside us over the years and it's influencing for the worldview. Gusakova proposes to pause and give yourself a time to ponder for meaning of any arbitrary line from a newspaper or advertising slogan read, to understand what it really. And most importantly question: should you to do what there is an automatic striving for or not.

The performance was created within the framework of the Moscow action “Night of Museums”. Dasha works with a problem of the presence of an artist and a visitor in the Museum. The artist to make art every day and visit Museums is usually more frequent than visitors. So on the Night of Museums Dasha decided to stay at home, she change places with the viewer and observe the hall as a place of action, a performative space, while the viewer was watching the artist who were preparing dinner for herself at home and made other household chores not related to the Museum.
Phenomen of reflection
media performance

The media screen is a field of absolutely fantasy and disinformation for the viewer. What we can watch on TV? Usually we can watch nothing to do with reality. The “Phenomenon of reflection” opens the perimeter around the screen and shows possibilities of the media for the presentation of hypertrophied information.